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4 tempting tacos with a tasty twist in Singapore

Tasty tacos - Quirky fillings for a quirky food

Mexican cuisine is by far one of the most popular cuisines on the planet. Due to the balance of sweet and spicy flavours and the variety of ingredients, whether that's meat, fish, or vegetables, Mexican food really does lend itself to innovation, with the ability to put your own twist on a dish. The taco is a brilliant example, the crisp tortilla shell creating a texture balance with the fillings. Let's get a taste for some of Singapore's taco dishes on offer, from the more traditional to the quirky.

1. Al Pastor

From the aptly named Senor Taco comes the Al Pastor Taco. A rather traditional taco as Mexican cuisine goes, yet nonetheless extremely delicious and quirky. With a choice of pork or chicken cooked in marinade and spit-roasted shawarma-style, paying homage to Lebanese cooking, topped with pineapple, onion and coriander - this taco is bound to set your taste buds alive on your taco journey. The dish is one of Senor Taco's signature dishes, the success down to the secret special blend of herbs and spices in the marinade.

2. Rajas Poblanas Tacos Veggie

Don't be put off by the name if you can't understand, an explanation is coming your way. If you're a vegetarian in Singapore, look no further than Los Jefes' Rajas Poblanas taco, literally meaning 'sliced peppers'. This veggie taco is a flavoursome mix of peppers, sweetcorn, and caramelised onions, with a garnish of coriander and more onions. What could be better? Being lightly spiced, this taco has a bit of a kick for those of you who like your chilli, yet it's not so strong if you're a taco virgin. You know who you are! There's no need to be afraid — it just means you need to eat tacos all the more!

3. Baja Fish

For those of you who love fish, then the Baja Fish taco at Vatos Urban Tacos will be your foodie dream come true. Originating from their namesake Baja California in Mexico, the Baja Fish taco is filled with tempura beer-battered white fish, spicy chipotle mayo, apple coleslaw and pico de gallo, which is a Mexican tomato salsa. The delicious combination of ingredients, all sat in a beautiful taco shell, is one worth sinking your teeth into.

4. Meat Feast

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Can't decide between taco fillings? You could always just order all of the tacos at Mex Out, to have the ultimate taco meat feast. You can order 2 or 3 tacos, with 4 different filling options, perfect for a taco party. Are you ready to hear them? It might blow your foodie mind. It's probably best to mention that there is a vegetarian option, with roasted capsicum and guacamole, which sounds divine in itself. Once you have factored in the meatier choices of Tex-Mex Grilled Chicken, Braised Pulled Pork and Marinated Grilled Steak, you'll have the best supply of taco dishes, ideal for a Mexican-themed party.

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