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Four matcha flavoured snacks and drinks for the ultimate health kick

Easy being green - the wonders of matcha and how to eat it

When people think of green-coloured food and drink, it's usually associated with fruit and vegetables; often healthy, yet at the same time, not the tastiest of things. Well stop right there, as this perception is about to change. Yes, green is coming back into the culinary world in the form of matcha.  A form of powdered green tea featured often in Japanese cuisine, matcha has been taking the world by storm due to its vast health benefits, from boosting energy to its high level of antioxidants. In Singapore, matcha-flavoured dishes and drinks are becoming a popular choice, so it's time to dive in and explore what matcha treats are out there, to give you that health kick.

1. Matcha Tiramisu

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Sun With Moon Japanese Dining and Café has caught on to the matcha trend and created this delicious dessert. Whilst the traditional Italian tiramisu may be on the list as one to enjoy once every so often due to the unhealthy ingredients, Sun With Moon's Matcha Tiramisu has found a balance between sweet treat and healthy goodness. A mixture of mascarpone and matcha sponge, the dessert is finished off with blueberries and green tea powder. Now this is a dessert you don't have to feel guilty eating.

2. Matcha Cake

Another dessert option, or even just a snack, for those of you with a sweet tooth. Flor Patisserie in Tanjong Pajar know how to add a Japanese twist to French desserts. Their Matcha Strawberry cake features a matcha roll, strawberry cream, and fresh fruits. A matcha packed dessert, as well as some of your daily fruit and vegetable intake. This one is certainly one to get a taste of. If this wasn't enough, Flor Patisserie also have Green Tea flavours of milk puddings and ice cheese tarts.

3. Matcha Latte

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Who doesn't love a coffee to wake them up in the morning? Most people do, but with high levels of caffeine, it can be hard to break out of that cycle. An alternative is a Matcha Latte. The blend of matcha green tea, milk, and sometime a natural sweetener like honey, does have some caffeine, but not as much as regular coffee. This helps to keep you awake a calmer way, rather than the sudden periods of energy you might find yourself getting with coffee. Teapresso serves up a mean Matcha Latte, which you can get to go to fit in with your busy schedule. Not only does the Matcha Latte give you an energy boost, but it comes with added health benefits like aiding concentration and protecting vital organs.

4. Matcha Macarons

Finishing off on a high here from Matchaya, which is actually a tea shop, so needless to say their menu is full of tasty matcha food and drink. One thing in particular which stands out for a quick on-the-go bite to eat are the Matcha Macarons. Dainty and delicate, they are ideal for an energy lift and to satisfy those sugar cravings. An example of how food fusion can truly pay off. Other matcha items on the menu include tea and granola.

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