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Dining Al Desko: 4 Healthy Lunch Options

Dining al desko: 4 healthy lunch options to keep you productive

Who said clean eating has to be boring? Singapore has recently seen a surge in healthy on-the-go food, meaning that you no longer have to compromise in your pursuit of nutritious dishes filled with flavour. We've rounded up four healthy lunch options that'll keep you going throughout the day.

1. Rosti with Chicken Thigh, Munch Saladsmith

As their name would suggest, Munch Saladsmith are regular wizards at putting together nutritious and healthy food. They boast a create-your-own salad bar so you can easily create the salad of your dreams – if you have one that is.

If you're feeling something a little more filling, they've implemented their health-conscious ethos into the rest of their menu. You can't go wrong with their chicken thigh rosti, served perfectly golden brown with a generous dollop of sour cream and zingy spring onions.

Where: Munch Saladsmith, Changi Business Park

2. Poké bowls, Pololi

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Pololi pride themselves on offering some of the best poké bowls in town, so you'll be getting an authentic Hawaiian taste as well as a healthy dinner this lunchtime. Make your own unique bowl from scratch – from base to dressing, Pololi put you in control of your food, which is great news for the fussy eaters out there that long for complete customisation.

They also offer a whole host of drinks to go along with your bowl. Opt for a non-alcoholic Tropical Granita, or choose from a whole host of Arizona Tea flavours, including lemonade and black tea, fruit punch and mucho mango.

Where: Pololi, Raffles Place

3. Sriracha Chicken Supergrain Box, The Salad Shop

You won't be daydreaming of a cheeseburger an hour after finishing one of The Salad Shop's signature dishes. They offer a scale of salads ranging from 'rabbit sized' to 'elephant sized', so you can cater your order to fit your hunger needs.

There's also a range of special supergrain boxes if you need a bit of an extra pick me up. Our favourite is the Sriracha Chicken, packing in grilled chicken thigh, tomato salsa, sweetcorn, fresh lime, cilantro, sriracha dressing and – of course – a whole host of supergrains.

Where: The Salad Shop, Tanjong Pagar

4. Pitaya Sunrise, Seed & Soil

Seed & Soil are a juice bar, which makes eating on-the-go infinitely easier without losing any of the great flavours. They offer a mix of traditional fruity smoothies and savoury potions, but you're bound to get an explosion of flavour whatever you pick.

If you can't decide what you want – and you're totally spoiled for choice – the specific health benefits of every item are listed on on the menu. Our favourite is the smoothie bowl Pitaya Sunrise, which deserves a moment to be eaten by the eyes first – dragonfruit is blitzed with pineapple, banana and coconut water for a vibrant purple puree, and topped with even more fruit. This little number also helps along your metabolism, digestion, alongside giving you super healthy hair and skin.

Where: Seed & Soil, Tanjong Pagar

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