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4 Desserts To Try Now

The sweeter things in life: 4 desserts to try in Singapore now

Most of us have a favourite sweet treat – something to pick us up when we're feeling down. But when you have your go-to dessert, it's easy to get stuck in a pudding rut. So mix things up. Keep your taste buds on their toes. We've rounded up some of the best desserts in Singapore that can be dropped off at your door today.

1. Paradiso di nocciola, Kraftwich By Swissbake

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This dish's name roughly translates to 'nutty paradise', and if there is one way to describe the paradiso di nocciola, that'd be it. The dessert is a stunner, and deserves a moment to be eaten first with the eyes. Once you've taken a bite of this dark chocolate and praline combination though, you'll immediately see why it's Swissbake's bestselling cake of all time. We think it's down to the rich chocolate mousse, light vanilla sponge and crunch of the hazelnut praline, but you'll have to try it to see.  

Where: Kraftwich By Swissbake, various locations

2. Bingsu, Nunsongyee Korean Dessert Café

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You'll find bingsu on dessert menus in restaurants across Singapore. However, we doubt anywhere does it with as much style as Nunsongyee. If you're not a bingsu veteran, and have never had the pleasure of digging into a bowl of shaved ice with as many toppings as you can think of, you have something truly special to look forward to. For us, it doesn't get better than the Choco-Banana Bingsu. This dish is designed for sharing, so gather some friends, grab your spoons and dig in. But we won't judge you if you decide to go solo on this either.

Where: Nunsongyee Korean Dessert Café, Mountbatten/Dakota

3. Teh Tarik Cake, Pies & Coffee

Although it seems like pie is the name of the game here, this café is also all about the sweeter things in life. From your classic carrot and chocolate cakes to the more experimental Earl Grey Tea Cake, you're guaranteed that everything you order from these guys is going to hit the spot every time.

We love the Teh Tarik Cake, where soft sponges are sandwiched together with tea-infused chocolate cream frosting. Order it by the slice – or, if you're catering, by the cake.

Where:  Pies & Coffee, various locations

4. Chocolate Nut Doorstop, PS. Café Petit

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This cake is a testament to everything a great chocolate cake can be. Dense chocolate sponge is packed with nutty goodness and topped with even more nuggets of chocolate. It's not called a doorstop without reason, you could wedge a whole barn door open with this beauty. And don't worry, there's plenty of beverages to wash it down with too. From San Pellegrina to a whole host of craft beers – including BrewDog's fruity Punk IPA – there's something here for you.

Where: PS. Café Petit, Tiong Bahru

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