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4 quirky roast duck dishes to blow your mind in Singapore

The best roast duck dishes, served with a twist

With the international food scene in Singapore booming, it's no surprise that Chinese cuisine is one of the favourites here, as well as in many other countries. A signature dish from Chinese food culture that we can't get enough of is roast duck. We'll always love the traditional version, but there are some Asian eateries in Singapore who are also pushing the boat out and putting their own spin on the classic Peking duck. The results are delicious, so we're taking a trip around Singapore to seek out some quirky dishes that will open your mind to the world of food innovation.

1. Signature London Roast Duck

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Let's begin with the classic; just pure, brilliant roast duck. Using the finest duck, London Fat Duck have learnt from the masters, applying traditional techniques heritage recipes to their cooking. Coming in sizes of whole, half and signature, you will be full to the brim of delicious duck after ordering from here. And with extras such as rice, noodles and vegetables, this will no doubt stay in your memory as some great classic Chinese cuisine.

2. Mango Duck

It's time for the twists and we're going fruity for this first one. House of Roasted Duck not only serves the classic Peking roast duck, but the chef's recommended dish is Marinated Duck Breast with Mango Sauce, a harmony of sweet and savoury flavours giving a new zest of life to the classic. The unmissable dish is served beautifully, with neat slices of tender duck smothered in a bright orange sauce, thanks to the mango. A unique choice to widen your roast duck experience.

3. BBQ Roast Combo

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For serious meat lovers, get a load of this. BBQ flavour not only goes well with duck, but pork too. That's exactly what Kam's Roast have realised. The family-friendly establishment have a combination on the menu that will blow your mind. Get ready to meet the Roast Duck Combo BBQ Pork on Rice. The name sounds like a mouthful (a delicious one when you order it), but don't let the long name detract. Served alongside braised bean curd, egg, and homemade barley, this is a feast ready to be devoured. If you're not feeling in the mood for BBQ, there is also a crispy pork version too. Enjoy!

4. Duck Congee

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Congee is well-known across many parts of East Asia; this rice porridge's versatility with the potential to add several ingredients creates an ideal all-in-one meal. Not unlike the traditional Singapore Teochew rice porridge, Treasures have kept its Chinese roots, incorporating new ingredients into the dish. One of the many varieties of congee on offer that we have spotted is Duck and Chicken Congee. A popular choice on the menu of this successful restaurant chain, you can count on this being a delicious duck dish. Why not go all out and add in some dumplings or dim sum for a truly hearty meal?

We're definitely ready for some unique takes on the great Peking roast duck. To taste them yourself, simply have Deliveroo bring them straight to you.

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